Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Pair of Shoes in Paris

My favorite shoes were on this mannequin.. It was in a display window in one of the passage galleries near my hotel. I love these shoes but wouldn't wear them. If I owned them they would be displayed on a shelf as art or on a mannequin dressed like this one..

This is the whole mannequin in the window and I liked her attitude.

This photo is my favorite. I like the ghostly image and the reflections in the glass.


Virginia said...

Well I'm all about shoes but alas I can't wear all the frou frou ones anymore. These are eye candy for sure. Great shots in the windows!

Peter said...

I think I also like the "attitude" of the mannikin (so that's how you write "mannequin")! :-))

Karen said...

Virginia, I love the way they look but my feet just would refuse to move if I wore them..

Peter, my dictionary showed Manikin, Mannikin, and Mannequin.. I like mannequin better so I changed it.. I was tired when I wrote it and did check the silly dictionary.. :={

Jill said...

Very nice 'window art'. I like the one with the 'ghostly reflection'.