Friday, January 09, 2009

I wrote about this on January 3rd from Paris and here is a bit more information about the church and the monastery.

We were fortunate to walk into this church on the night of January 3rd and were happily surprised to find a mass in honour of Ste Geneviève, patroness of Paris, in progress.

There were the nuns in blue with white wool hooded capes and monks in black with the white capes and they were singing and reading from their missals. The church was St-Gervais-et-St-Protais.

My friend Peter, whose Paris Photo blog sweeps you to parts of Paris usually not seen by the average tourist, researched and found that they are a part of the
Monastic Jerusalem Communities, a project offering a new form of monastic life in the heart of the city.

The lovely voices singing a cappella followed by dramatic organ music was something I think I'll always remember. It was beautiful to hear and to watch. I'm not religious but the muusic touched my soul.

The singing nuns:

The beautiful church at night.


Peter said...

We were lucky to get in at the right moment! It was really nice! Like you, I'm not religious, but really touched by nice music! ... and the environment adds to the feeling!

jill said...

Hi Karen. Hope your 'emotional shift' is remaining with you. I look forward to your new blog--is it up and running?

Karen said...

that was really special. Wish I'd taken a few more pictures. I didn't capture any of the monks.

I'm not starting another blog.. Two is enough. This is where I will post my Paris photos and it will most likely be hit and miss as usual. My Kissimmee one demands daily attention and this is my fun one.
Emotional shift is still here and my house shows it. I'm still wandering around in a daze.