Friday, March 16, 2007

Flying Time!!
Where does the time go? It's been over a month since I posted, which was pointed out to me by my brother yesterday. I ran into him at the Toyota dealer in Orlando. I had just left my car for service and was leaving and almost ran right into him. I think it's been over a year since I've seen him and he only lives about 10 or so miles south of me. We all have such busy busy lives these days and just loose track of time and people. Of course there wasn't time to hang out and catch-up on anything since I had a friend who was waiting for me. So it was a "Hi and Goodbye" meeting.

My trip to Mexico was a mixed bag. The Carnival was fun & colorful. Merida was crowded. Made a trip to the house that will be Villa Tievoli, hopefully, in three years. Not much had been done at that point but meetings with Juan Alberto and the architect has gotten the renovation moving. Too much walking did a number on my knee and it finally quit on me Sunday night when I stepped down one step too many. Severe pain and unable to put any weight on it, I hopped into the elevator and to my room. Monday was supposed to be my day to go off on my own & visit the museums and shop while Patrick & Wendell did last visit to architect and banking. I wound up spending that night & all day in my room watching the 5 channels on TV that were only in Spanish. The commercials were fun but not much else. I had pretty much run through my reading material.

The worse moments were when I was trying to get room service and no one spoke English. I had a minor meltdown and then snapped to my senses and realized that the few items I wanted were easy enough to order in Spanish.. I was saved having to do that by one of the lovely English speaking waiters calling me back to take my order. Monday night we had a nice dinner out with friends. By then crutches had been found and my knee was able to support some weight.

The trip home was a nightmare with the almost five hour bus ride to Cancun not being the worst of it. The stop in Fort Lauderdale for customs was horrid.. Get off the plane and walk a mile or so, go through a screening, then stand around waiting for luggage to come off the moving racks, drag luggage through another screening and then go walk another mile to the ticket counter to stand in line to re-check luggage and get a boarding pass for the flight home to Orlando. After getting the tickets we find out that we have about 15 minutes to board and we need to walk another mile or so, leave the terminal building and go to the next buiding. Luckily we spotted a wheel chair and Patrick pushed me while Wendell dragged our stuff.

We finally arrive at our gate to find that there is a delay in boarding and then after boarding another delay because they have no idea where the TSA has sent our luggage. It hadn't yet made it to the plane. Arriving in Orlando, our friend, Ricky, picked us up and only missed a few of the turns for our exit so it only took twice as long to finally get home.

Cats were not happy with me but the house was neat and tidy. Ami did a great job of feeding them and giving them attention. I will probably use her to catsit again. Lots more happening but will catch up next entry... Nice rainy day today... rain has been desperately needed. Tomorrow I will try to post a photo or two.