Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wonderful time at the concerts and meeting all the fellow Il Divo fans.  Nice article in the Bray paper about our gathering the night before.  What a great bunch.  The mayor of Bray was a delight.

Here's a nice newspaper article about our get-together.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's early morning and I've been up for hours.  Not my usual routine but perhaps it will help with the jetlag.  We will be off early this afternoon to the airport and hope that Delta will see that it makes sense to put us on an earlier plane to Atlanta.  The way they've sent us just leaves us 40 minutes to deplane, run down the B terminal to the connector, get down to the tram and over to terminal C, and then find our gate for our plane to Dublin. 

I called last week and got a snarky agent who said they could do it for well over $200.  I hate Delta.  I called Air France to book and learned that if you press 1 for English you are routed to Delta.  Delta treats Air France customers like steerage.   Coming home from Paris we'll be on an Air France plane.  Finally!  I keep booking through them and they keep putting me on Delta. 

They now fly direct to Paris from Orlando but it's new and the dates didn't align with this trip.

Looking forward to Dublin for two days, then to Bray for the Il Divo concerts.  I've never been to Ireland so I am looking forward to it.  Then flying into London to spend 5 days there and then to Paris.  We've rented an apartment for 10 days and I am so happy to be going back again.  It almost feels as though I'm going home.  I love Paris. 

I'll try to blog while we are traveling.  Although it doesn't look as though anyone is reading my blog.  Oh, well.  I do.

This is where we are staying in Dublin.  Clontarf Castle Hotel

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Time to get ready for our trip to Ireland, London and saving the best for last, Paris.  Suitcase is in the guest room along with piles of things to sort through and choose which will go and which will stay.  Some new things and some old favorites are in the piles.  We are limited to one suitcase for a 20 day trip so it will be difficult to pare it down to the essentials.

This is my first time going to Europe at this time of year.  Way, way, way back, almost ten years ago, I went to Denmark at the end of May through early June, but ever since then I seem to travel in the winter. This is a good thing.  I dont' need a heavy coat and a pile of woolies, gloves, hats, and scarves.  They say that the nights in Ireland can get cold and rainy so I need to prepare for that.

I'm so exited and counting the days.  The tickets for the 2nd Il Divo concert have finally arrived.  We still have a spare Champagne/Orangery ticket for the nineteenth (19th) to sell and I"ve listed it on eBay so hopefully someone will want it. 

Here's a taste of Il Divo and a new song from the new album.