Saturday, February 10, 2007

Off to Mexico!!

We are off to Mexico on Tuesday. This weekend I need to round up a travel wardrobe and pack. Lots of odd jobs to get done before hand. I'm looking forward to it. A friend's daughter will come by twice a day to feed the cats so that's taken care of .

The past few days have been fun. Dianne's Mother-in-law, Ann, is down for the winter with her hubby. He's a golfer so she has lots of time. Thursday we went to the Orlando Science Center to see The Body exhibit. It was fascinating. How awesome to be able to look inside the human body at every bone, muscle, organ, nerve, vessel and artery. The views of the arteries and blood vessels shown separately were unbelievable and very beautiful. They seemed to be a form of vegetation. The arteries were in a vivid red and the vessels in blue.

Then we went to the Orlando Museum of Art to see the Gee's Bend Quilt exhibit.. We didn't get there until 3 pm and didn't know that the museum closed at 4 pm so we barely got to see the all the quilts and didn't get to see the other exhibits. We will try to go again when I get back from Mexico.

Ann stays at Good Samaritan Village while she's here and they have free Tai Chi Chih classes on Mon., Weds, and Fri. so I started going. It's with a big screen tv and a vcr. There is an instructor but he's been gone this week so we followed along as best as possible with the help of one woman who's been doing it for awhile. It will take me awhile to get coordinated.