Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When you recycle one glass bottle, you save the amount of energy needed to light a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours.

Monday, November 27, 2006


A very nice Thanksgiving... Invited to friend's home for dinner but not wanting to be without leftovers, I bought a small turkey and put it in the oven to roast early in the morning. Peeled real potatoes and had made cranberry sauce. Had neighbors, Patrick & Wendell over late that evening for a second Thanksgiving dinner. Blew the diet but was very nice.

Next night we carried the leftovers to their house and we had another Thanksgiving dinner on lovely plates with crystal wine & water glasses and sterling silver utensils... My house is Mikasa and depression glass...

Saturday morning found a tall box with a bouquet of flowers from Number 2 son, Jeffrey. Aren't they lovely?

Studio is progressing. Finally had another company come and do the cracked windows. Neighbor helped moving the cabinets & counter top and now I am trying to organize as I put stuff back. Here are 2 views of progress.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm making progress. Wall is painted. Unit is disassembled and bases are being painted. The holdup is the window repair company. Over four weeks now. They sent one young man who didn't know how to do this type of window and no one else has come. I called and they said that he hasn't bothered even coming to work all week. I think it's time to call in another company.

Here's the picture of the painted walls and shelves. Looking good.