Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Store Windows

The window displays in Paris fascinated me. So many unique designs and ways to display the merchandise. I took many photos. These two were not fancy window displays but unusual chairs.
The first, the rose chair is obviously a chair. The second one was black and round with a puffy green center with a stem on it. We all wondered how to sit in it but none of us could figure it out. Someone suggested it might not be a chair at all but an ottoman to put your feet on but I don't think so.

The price tags were astonishingly high. Thousands of euros needed to purchase these. Much more fun to just look at them. Anyone wanting to add them to their decor can find the store on the tiny little Rue de Valois, next to the Palais Royal.


dayle doroshow said...

Bonjour Karen! I have really enjoyed reading about your recent trip. It brings back so many memories of last summer- after the workshops ended at La Cascade I went for 5 days- my first time back in Paris for several years. It was magic. I can sure identify with that "lost between two worlds" feeling that one has after getting home. Hope our paths will cross again one day soon! Dayle

Peter said...

Well, I also saw the price tags! Needs a second thought! :-)

jill said...

That green one is one unusual 'chair'. A work of art (in someone's eyes) like the red rose one.