Monday, January 26, 2009

My Birthday Dinner at Epcot

Last Monday was my birthday and my inherited daughter, Vanessa, took me to Epcot Center at Disney World for the day. The weather was perfect and we spent the day walking around the two sections. Lots to do and see. We entered by the back entrance from the boat ramp and this is the lovely view as we walked towards England. France is to the right over the bridge. The tower to the right is in Italy. Nice to walk around the world in one day.

Dinner was a treat at Les Chefs de France.

This is Sylvain, our waiter who was from Nice, and he was very very nice..

All of the servers came to the table when my dessert arrived to sing to me. What a treat.. and it was delicious.

And to end the meal, Vanessa and I had our Cafe Cremes.

Dinner was finished in time to watch the nightly fireworks show.
It was the best ending to a delightful day.


Peter said...

Nice to see your face again and that you put a French touch to your birthday meal! (Happy Birthday; sorry for being late!)

jill said...

I can see why you like going to Epcot! I didn't know it had such a beautiful "Europe" area. And you look radiant! Happy birthday blessings to you!