Sunday, January 11, 2009

The view from my hotel window.

All those trucks at the end of the street near the Louvre were following six police cars with sirens blazing. I have no idea why.

They seem to like Barack Obama in France.

You can see this kiosk in the first photo. It's at the end of my street. Almost dead center.

The Hotel du Louvre lit up at night.

This is such a pretty hotel at night and it is surrounded by cafes and stores.


Peter said...

Louve, police cars, sirens... Soemone tried to leave with the Mona Lisa again? Well, police cars, you find and hear a lot, but in general (fortunatley), there is "nothing"!

Nice that you have got started! Looking forward to what will follow!

Olivier said...

Obama est partout ;o) et puis tu as découvert Paris sous la neige, c'est magique.

jill said...

Well I know I left a comment yesterday, but got a blogger error. So what I think I said was that I look forward to seeing any and all photos you'd like to post. And also that I love to know where you stayed and ate and what you liked and didn't.

Karen said...

please don't expect too much from my posts. I'll just be posting some of the many photos I took and just writing a bit of my impressions. I may need to ask your help in naming some of the places in my photos. I took so many and they all run together.

Paris is magic. Snow or no snow.

I e-mailed you a link to my hotel and just stay tuned and you will see what I ate, and what I liked. There wasn't much that I didn't like. The only thing I can think of were the beggers, scammers, and the dog merde. Everything else was wonderful.