Thursday, January 08, 2009


I'm physically home but can't get my mind to realize that I'm not still in Paris. It is nice to be in my own big soft bed and have my furry little Shadow happy to see me. The weather is nicer.
But somehow I'm feeling like a stranger in a familiar land. I walk outside and there are no busy streets, no museums on every corner, no cafes every 10 feet, no sirens, no lovely old buildings covered with decorations and statues, and no one is speaking French. I'm feeling like Alice wandering around wondering where I am.

The necessity of unpacking, laundry, mail and e-mail, friends calling and visiting has an unreal feeling but I'm moving through the days trying to get things done and I'm sure in a few days things will return to normal. But I think that's my biggest fear. I felt an emotional shift while I was in Paris and want it to remain with me and provide an impetus to improve my life.

This photo is my last view of Paris.

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