Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Flock or not to Flock? Is that the question?

Eric's Paris Daily Photo posted a photo of a forlorn little bright orange flocked Christmas tree being sent off to be disposed of. Most of the comments on this post were not complementary to the poor little tree.

When I was there the little flocked trees were everywhere and in every color. I had never seen trees like these and I'm still not sure how I feel about them. But here are a few photos I took. The last one may well be the tree that Eric saw being disposed of. It was at the Cafe next to the Comedie Francais.


jill said...

Hi Karen. So, those are 'real' trees? I think perhaps they resemble sculpture more than an organic form. Living across the road from a Christmas Tree farm lets me enjoy row after row of nicely formed, green growth year round. Thanks for mentioning where, I looked up the Comedie Francaise and learned lots. Also noticed the beaded metro entrance in front. And interesting about the red bus, I have friends who care for boys with Asperger's and have been very sucessful in training them to be able to live independently. Thanks so much.

Eiffel Tower Suzy said...

Fabulous! I think they are all right for commercial use. The blue one is pretty!

Thanks for sharing them!

Peter said...

This seemed to be a new fashion this Christmas!

Virginia said...

I like the white ones but that orange one with that funny tall skinny top is hilarious. I think I know right where that is. I think I'll stick to a green ones! Your photos are a wonderful reminder of Paris. Ahhhh