Saturday, January 03, 2009

This is my next to last night in Paris and it is cold and clear outside. Just returned from a day of walking on the left bank to the Ile Saint Louis and over and around the bridges in the area. Our last stop was a beautiful church or cathedral and there was a service in progress.

Lovely French nuns in their blue dresses with white hooded cloaks and monks in black with the white hooded cloaks were singing acapella and reading from their prayer books. The organ played in between and it was so surreal and beautiful. I snuck a photo or two so that I don't forget how special it was.

Tomorrow is my last full day and I will head to the Eiffel Tower and stand in a long line to get to the first or second level and then stand in another to go to the top.
A sunny and clear day would be nice but not necessary.


koalawoman said...

Hi Karen

Sounds like a great holiday in Paris, the home of my favorite Frenchman. Enjoy the rest of your trip and come home safely. It's rather warm here at home in Florida.

Lisa V.

jill said...

Hi Karen, guess you are home by now. I'm curious if you saw snow while there. I looked at the webcam late Sunday and the Champs de Mars was lightly coated. It looked wonderful!!