Monday, February 02, 2009

Carrousel du Louvre

My hotel was just a short block from the Louvre and so on one of my first days in Paris I went to the underground area next to the Louvre called the Carrousel du Louvre. There is no carousel (Merry-go-round) but there are wonderful shops and I spent time wandering around the Virgin store and then discovered there were other areas to explore.

This was one of the fancy light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. I don't know if these are there all year round or just for the Christmas holidays.

There was a huge sliding set of doors that were slightly ajar and so of course I peeked in and saw these people and the colors were just amazing. This is where they hold concerts and other functions and when I went back a few days later it just looked drab and ordinary.. The blue was gone. I'm glad I was able to capture it, even if it is a bit blurry.

Just past that room I came to this huge space with these statues. The walls and statues were salvaged from the now gone Tuilleries Palace.

There is also I.M. Pei's Reversed Pyramid. It is gorgeous! I didn't photograph it for some reason.. but here's a link to a photo of it.
There is also an entrance to the Louvre that tends to have shorter lines so it's a good place to check out.


Virginia said...

Missed this. Well must run it down my next trip. Looks very interesting. Merci!

Peter said...

Did you know that the Carousel - the round place on top of what you pictured - was the place for most of the executions during the Revolution?

Karen said...

Virginia, yes, it is worth seeing..

Peter, no, I did not know that.. I know that some were at the Place du Concord. I will need to read more about it..

Jill said...

Karen, what a lovely and interesting place in which to wander.