Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Louvre at Night

Some nights when it was too late to go anywhere and too early to go back to the hotel I would walk around the Louvre and down to the Seine.
The crowds were gone and the lighting was soft and more than a little mysterious. The architecture stood out in the shadows and the glass pyramid glowed with a soft light. These photos don't fully capture the space and atmosphere of being there but it's the best I could do with my little digital.


Peter said...

I believe you belong to the group which likes the pyramide. Not everyone does! But I do also!

Jill said...

The lights at night are full of wonder. How nice to be so close to such a beautiful place in which to stroll.

Virginia said...

La Louvre is a feast for the eyes. I loved taking every shot from every angle. The Pyramide was so gorgeous from below as well as above.

chez aurora said...

What a wonderful collection of photos from Paris at night! *sigh*