Monday, February 09, 2009

Jardin du Palais Royal
My hotel was next to the Palais Royal and the gardens were just up the street and what a delight to walk through a passageway and find the gardens. In spite of it being cold, rainy, and winter, they were lovely. The trees are trimmed and when bare become sculptures against the grey skies.

Along three sides of the garden are covered walkways with shops and restaurants and interesting displays.

The walkways are set off from the gardens by towering columns and beautiful black ironwork topped by golden spikes. This day the spikes were being painted by a crew of two who seemed to be enjoying their job.

This gentleman was sharing his lunch with the pigeons on a cold dreary day.


Virginia said...

One of my absolute favorite places to photograph.

Peter said...

I'm sure you would also enjoy to see it with leaves on the trees and some flowers! Soon back?

Karen said...

Virginia, I enjoyed the Jardins very much and used it often as a passageway/shortcut to other places.

Ah, Peter, I wish. It seems I have a busy next few months and with the economy it may be awhile but hopefully not too long.. perhaps in the fall.. no flowers but also hopefully, no snow..