Thursday, February 05, 2009

Meet Henry...

I have a new Granddog.. his name is Henry and he lives in New Jersey with my oldest son and his family. They have always had Airdales and they get them from an Airdale Rescue group.. Henry is number 4.

The first was Spanky, an excellent watch dog. The second was one of my favorites, Reggie.. He had the biggest head of any dog I've ever met and he was just a big goofy loveable dog. Number three was Oliver, the sweetest of the bunch.. He was a little crazy but very nice. He recently crossed to the other side after many years of being loved and cared for.

Now Henry has joined the family. He, too, is a rescued dog and like the others it will take some time and love to make him feel like part of the family but they tell me he's just sweet and loveable, too, so it shouldn't take him long. I like his face and can't wait to go visit and get to know him..


Peter said...

I expected some new Paris photo here, but to see this nice dog was not a bad surprise!

Karen said...

More Paris photos will be posted soon but my granddaughter sent me this photo and I wanted to show him off. He has a great face..