Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What a wonderful weekend it was. Laure & Sally stayed over for the Mosaic class and we had fun cooking, eating, and shopping, in addition to the classes. Every one of the pieces were different and reflected the maker. Mine is just a quick abstract of the sun, sky with cloud, beach, water, and sky.. We only had one day to work on them. Laure's was more complex so it came home with us Saturday and she worked on it until bedtime and it was worth all the work. Here's mine.

Today was my 4th accupuncture treatment and it seems to be working. Saturday's bending over the worktable made for lots of pain and Monday's treatment really helped. Just came home from this morning's treatment and I feel good. Dr. Xia recommends Tai Chi for building strong muscles and keeping the body fit and limber. I think I'll see if I can find some classes and/or a DVD for beginners.

It's time to get back to selling stuff on eBay. All around me is "Stuff"... and much of it needs to go. I just need to stop playing games on Pogo.

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