Friday, January 06, 2006

Well, still mulling and pondering but having problems finding my Blog spot. I can find this editing box but that's it. I need to work out the kinks for awhile and figure out how to post pictures.

Okay, that worked. This is my old guy, Mr. Spats. Taken a few weeks ago at the Vet's. He's 19 years old and is getting thinner and thinner. He's also become a bit cranky but still can get up on the bed and eats a lot. I'm hoping he sticks around awhile.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen, Mr. Spats is darling! Looks a bit like my Sheba but she has more white on the face with a very dirty nose. This is from your Kansas friend, MJ. Yours is the first blog I've tried. Kinda fun!

Karen said...

Mary Jo,
Wow! You are my first comment poster! Hope all is well in Kansas. I called my son, Chris, a few days ago for his birthday and he's been busy with their St. George cafe.
Stay in touch and keep those jokes coming..