Thursday, January 12, 2006

I took Sassy's bandage off last night. Sooner than the vet said, but it was down below her incision and she was chewing on it and tearing off strips. Her incision looked clean and secure so I set her free. She's doing fine and this morning was her old self, leaping accross the bed and chasing my feet.

Tomorrow I do my 2nd accupuncture treatment for my back. It's got to be more effective than the chiropractor or the physical therapist. The right side felt better today but the left side, which wasn't treated hurt more. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Good friend is heading here tomorrow with her delightful mom and along with another friend, we'll be taking a mosaic class over the week-end. Looks to be fun. My kitchen mosaic is almost complete. I'll have to take photos soon. I'm hoping to get Laure and Sally to put up some of the pieces. Then it's on to the grout and done! This project has been on-going for over a year now.

I've also got a free-cycler scheduled to come in the morning to pick up some cookbooks. I think I overbooked.

Finished another smaller collaged tin. Came out nice. Photo isn't as clear as it should be.
Small photo was a mistake and I haven't figured out how to delete so I just shrunk it. Big photo is newer tin. These are fun to make. Made a big pot of chili yesterday so now I have four more of the medium sized Tins to play with.

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