Sunday, January 08, 2006

I finished my first collaged tin and it came out so pretty. I don't usually do pretty but it goes well in my girly pink bedroom. I'm working on some others in the garage and the blueish one will have a beach motif. They are such fun.

I'm finally getting to use my Mouse sander. It's such fun. I need to make a nice one for the restaurant (greasy spoon) that is giving me the nice cans. More practice needed in placing photos, I think.

Off to enjoy our cold but beautifully sunny Central Florida day...

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kelly said...

very cute cans! i just got my first issue of somerset studio mag. it seems to have a nice mix of
styles. mine isn't cutesy at all either. my tends to run whimiscal yet funky. that is when i find the time to produce and create anything. hope the kitty is feeling better!