Friday, January 20, 2006

Great birthday yesterday. I treated myself to a massage and it was great. Had lunch out and came home and played with collaging more tins. Mail brought Birthday Cards from Dave & Wendy, a separate one from the girls, and one from Patsy in Gainesville.
David called in the evening and so did Leon. I had them in stitches describing my bottom being stuck with electrified needles at the accupuncturist.

Today I had my 3rd session this week and the pain relief has been amazing. Next week will only be two days. I've also started on another Chinese herb for breathing. Awaiting the delivery of my Tai Chi DVD so I can start on that. Still looking for somewhere local to take some classes.

Lovely flowers delivered from middle son, Jeff. They are fresh cut and delivered within a day or two and the blossoms aren't even open. They are a mix of purple Iris and a lily of some kind. I'll take pictures when they open.


Mindy said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, aquiltmaven!!! I found your blog while looking at furtima's :) This is great fun to be able to see other BBer's blogs, good luck with it! I've bookmarked you... I may even add a link for yours on my page's blog list - if you don't mind. Hope to see you on the BB soon.... Hobbyhungry (

Karen said...

Thanks, Mindy,
I just saw your eBay auction linking e-mail and I went ahead and clicked all the links so now we are joined at the auctions. LOL.
When I get a chance, I need to alter the template & add a list of fellow Bloggers with links.