Monday, September 25, 2006


Still working out in the "Studio" trying to empty off the corner shelf with all of G's electronic stuff. Amazing how much there is. I have emptied out 5 or 6 bins and they are in a pile for Dave & Diane to pick up. I've started another pile of aviation related bins for Leon. Ahhh, Space, the final frontier...

It's so hot out there, even with the window air conditioner that I work in short bursts, go into the house to cool down and then start again.

Here's one of the canvases I'm working on. Not finished, of course. I'm auditioning items to add to it. So far it's just the letter from Denmark, Grandpa's American Legion photo and me in Kindergarten. I'm trying to find the right words to print for it and also some other ephemera and maybe some more paint & inking.


Marty Weil said...

This is an exciting use of ephemera. I'm always keen to see how artists use this resource. Great post. Nice blog.

Sam said...

oooooH Thats cool!!!