Thursday, October 12, 2006


Not too much exciting in my life right now and just too lazy to post. Helped my friend pack for her move to Tennesee so spent some days driving to Plant City. I did go to the Disney Epcot Food & Wine Festival with my Aussie friend, Diane. We waited until late in the afternoon to go so it wasn't too hot. Food was interesting. Several new countries this year. Chile and Turkey are two that I noticed. The walk around the World Showcase wasn't too bad. We sat whenever we tried out one of the food samples so not too tiring. I really need to do more walking but whenever I do, my hip starts to yell at me.

Another friend brought me some information on aqua therapy at Celebration Fitness so it's tempting me to look at signing up there for membership. It is a bit of a ride and I'll need some motivation to make the drive out there, but I need to do something before I fall totally apart.

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