Thursday, September 21, 2006

Morning? What Morning?

Yikes, I had another of those nights when sleep was just not in the cards. Went to bed.. got up.. played computer games and made double hot chocolate with milk... back to bed and just couldn't turn off my awake button. Finally somewhere early this morning I fell into a mini coma. The phone rang at 9:15 and Shadow was pretending to be an alarm clock so I got up and staggered to the kitchen. Coffee in the micro and feed the cats so I don't trip over them & kill myself.. call Lara and cancel me driving to Plant City today. I'd be hard pressed to drive to my mailbox.

Second cup of coffee and getting dressed helped me feel like I may still be a member of the human race, abet, one in terrible shape. I've done all the morning computer stuff but there's still a long list of things that need to be done. I've dug out the TSP to clean garage walls to prep for paint, but do I really want to scrub walls in this condition? I don't think so.

Here's a picture of the other side of the room. I had organized the shelves with labeled containers a few months ago. Bottom shelf had to be removed. The table has to go but there is something called a "surface plate" on it that weighs a gazillon tons. It is 4" thick solid granite and is 18" x 24". My late DH bought it and made a cover for it but I don't think he ever used it. It's too heavy to sell on eBay & ship so I need to find someone to hopefully buy it and take it away. I'd like to tile the floor but don't think I can move enough stuff out to do it.

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