Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Making Art!

I haven't been working on my art very much lately but have been trying to make the space for making art into an organized room. Room is big enough but too much stuff. I've been working in my late husbands shop and trying to make it my own for quite a while now.

My son, Chris, moved & installed my old kitchen cabinets and I have emptied and rearranged most of them. He put a corner unit into the far corner but because of the circuit breaker box, it needs to be moved. I've been trying to clear out the other window corner at the other end of the room and it's finally looking almost big enough for the move.

Big decision is whether to paint walls & floor before the move or after. After would mean less wall to paint, but might be easier to reach the higher & hidden areas now.

Here's a picture of the corner that needs to be moved. I haven't even started on clearing it out.

I'll post more tommorrow..

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