Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Overdue for a posting. My friend, Lara, is moving to Tennessee next month so I've been trying to go to Plant City once a week to help pack & spend some time with her before she goes. We'll still be able to meet & play games on Pogo when she's gone but it won't be the same.

My grandaughter, Samantha, is really talented in HTML and has her own website. I think this is the fifth or sixth version. She keeps changing it but she does such great work.. Sammy's Website


Sam said...

Do a lot of people veiw your blog? BTW: Thx 4 adding my link!

Jeff said...

Came for a visit
sat for a spell
tried to post wisdom
reached deep in the well
got tired of sitting
went out for a walk
tried to ask questions
no one would talk
this is a nice blog site
even if its my moms
I'd say the same thing
even if it were Toms.

Thanks mom for posting Sams link, I will give it to the girls. I signed her guest book. Got to get back to work. The mountains are awesome this morning, Snow hanging on Pikes Peak after last nights violent and heavy hail wind and rain. It was wet here at 6500-7000 elevation but at 14100 on the peak it was all white and fluffy.