Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sailboats in the Gardens

One of my first days here, I revisited the area where I lived in December. The first two photos are in the Tuilleries next to the Lovre. In December there were no sailboats in the fountains but this trip there were many children and a few adults having a marvelous time with their boats and sticks.

These next two were taken in the Luxembourg Gardens near where I am staying now. Another fountain and even though it was a chilly day, there were children playing with their sailboats. This city is a fun place for children. Lots of parks, playgrounds, carousels, puppet shows and other forms of entertainment.


Virginia said...

Oh I so love the sailboats at all the parks. I had some blurry ones in November at Tuilieries but had good luck at Luxembourg. I'm longing for Paris from your photos. When does one ever get over that????? I guess we never do.

Karen said...

Virginia, I know how you feel. I'm already dreading the 31st, which is coming up way too quickly.
When I was here in Dec/Jan the fountains were frozen so no boats. I only saw them in your photos.

You'll be back. Me, too, I hope.

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful pictures dear Karen!
Léia :)

Virginia said...

I hope to be back so very soon!!!!! Have a delicious end of your trip.

Kate said...

Ah, the boats! Years ago we brought our then 8-yr-old grandson to Paris and one of our first stops was this garden. We have a photograph of the the boats hanging on one of the walls in our St. Paul, MN home.