Friday, October 23, 2009

Paris Books

Paris is the city of Light. It is the city of Love. It is also the city of books. There seems to be at least one bookstore on every block and sometimes more. There are stores with new books, old books, antique books, text books and there are the booksellers along the Seine. Here is just a glimpse at a few of them.


Virginia said...

Love the book stores as well. I have the Brassai book you show and I am pining away for those precious French children's books. Sorry i missed them, but I didn't have room for one more thing as it was!

Cezar and Léia said...

J'ai acheté le livre du Petit Prince en français. J'ai lu ce livre en portugais, et maintenant je suis à pratiquer mon français. I love this book!J'aime! :)
By the way, how is your French? :)
Tout signe de lire une bonne nouvelle?
Bon week - end!

Karen said...

Viginia, same here. I have aquired so many books and haven't read all that I brought with me so I'm shipping some home in one of those lovely Orange boxes from the Post Office.
Leia, I love Le Petit Prince. Have you seen the French Musical. It's lovely. My French is terrible. I'm trying to learn and have gotten a bit better each visit, but still a long way to go. Hugs..

Vagabonde said...

I read through all the posts I missed while I was away on my trip. The books you show are in the Passage du Panorama? Or Passage Geoffroy? Which ever it is, my mother used to take me there all the time and that is where I started to love books. Now my house is full of books – too many – in each room. But I still buy some every week!