Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paris Fashion Week

The week I arrived was the start of Fashion Week here in Paris. At the Louvre they had built a huge temporary building in the big square ajacient to the one with the Pyramid. I watched the finishing touches on the construction one day and a few days later getting off the bus on the Rue de Rivoli, I saw the crowd that had gathered at one of the entrances. There were black cars, limos, and SUVs pulling up and when the doors opened the paparazzi flashes went off and the crowds swarmed to the area.
I saw some of them but had no idea who any of them are as the closest I get to high fashion is Project Runway.

There is always something happening in Paris. Soon I'll post the pictures of a film shoot, a skating competition, musicians, and other fun happenings we stumbled upon.


Cezar and Léia said...

Fashion and charming Paris!
Lucky you girl!
Léia :)

louciao said...

What fun! I can feel the buzz.

I love your bookstall pictures. What a wonderful adventure you had.