Sunday, August 03, 2008

Going to Mexico!!

Haven't posted for a bit because I've been making plans to go to Merida. My neighbor wants to go down to do some research for their future B & B and since only one of them was able to get time off from work, they asked me to go along. Should be fun. We are leaving on August 30th and returning on September 7th. This time we are flying Jet Blue into Cancun and will do the four hour bus ride to Merida. It's better than driving four hours to Miami and it should be better than our last trip down on Spirit.

It had been my idea to fly Spirit because we could depart from Orlando and the price was low. Stopping in Fort Lauderdale on the way down wasn't bad but coming back and having to go through customs in Ft. Lauderdale and then rechecking their baggage (mine was lost) and then having to go about a mile to another terminal was horrid. More so because my knee had given out on me the last day there and I was dragging around a pair of crutches. We borrowed a wheel chair and they piled all of our carry-ons on me and off we went. We were late because of long lines for boarding passes but luckily the TSA misplaced all the luggage so the flight was delayed. Wish we had known that before racing to our terminal and gate.

I'm working on dropping at least a few pounds before the trip and need to get out and walk or ride my bike a bit to get my knees in shape. There will be lots of walking because we want to check out the neighborhood around the B & B as well as the open air market to price flowers and fruit. Our hotel, The Hotel Colon has a pool and other nice amenities so we plan to do our exploration of the city in the morning then head back to spend time in the pool and then a siesta before heading out into the city to enjoy the night life.

I plan to take lots of photos this trip. Yucatan Today is a great way to get familiar with Merida and the region. So much to do in the delightful city.

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Rebekah said...

Great news...Have fun. Half the fun is in the planning and the enjoy that as well.