Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Brother-in-Law's Take on my Trip

"For Paris France in the Winter time It is generally very cold,
damp and gloomy. Paris sits on the earth up where Boston is located.
So the weather is close to that. See the following for a realistic
description as it agrees with my memory.

Provence and Nice are not quite as bad. Temperatures in the 40-50F
range with lots of rain. Probably about half of a month is rain,
sometimes heavy. It is more like Ocean City or Virginia Beach in the
winter. Beautiful and friendly but brisk and wet.

Of course it is in the Holiday Month so that everything takes on a
dramatic aire of festival with lights and decorations. I would not "not
go because of the weather." In Paris you will spend most of the time in
Museums and cafe's and sightseeing. You go everywhere by the
underground Metro so you are only exposed to the "weather" for short
periods. A summer or spring day on the "ponts" /bridges of Paris looking
down the Seine is a fabulous experience. A Winter overcast day standing
on the "ponts" / bridges of Paris looking down the Seine is unforgetable
romantic experience for the soul. In other words, there are no "bad"
days in Paris.

Bundled in a heavy coat under your umbrella you will
dream of Toulouse Latrek and Matisse and Gaugin and then view their
works in the new Modern Art museum. Or roam the halls of the Louve, not
in a rush because it is cold and dreary outside, but nice and warm
inside the museum. Sitting outside in a cafe on the "Left Bank" with a
hot coffee or cappuccino warming your hands with a fresh pastry or
"Croque Monsieur" (grilled ham and cheese sandwich) will banish all the
cold and damp. The Christmas lights down the Champs Elysee and
Montmarte districts will blaze away any clouds in the skies. A city
that is over 2,500 years old has an engine of warmth in its heart and
cold, damp, and clouds cannot diminish the charm and experience.

The Cote d'Azur - Nice / Provence is like the wine country of
California. In any weather it is dreamy and full of life. - - except
between noon and 3 pm when all the stores close and every has lunch.
The "old city" of Nice is unmatched in charm and fabulouse sights and

His descriptions just fill my head with wonderful images and the anticipation for this trip is going to keep me floating just a bit off the floor.

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