Sunday, December 14, 2008

This is Shadow, who is not happy that I am leaving him.. He hates suitcases and right now there are three in the guest room.. The first was way too big and way too heavy so I dragged in an old one and went and bought another medium sized one.. so now I am taking two medium suitcases instead of one giant one that can't be lifted and didn't roll very well..

Coat was too long.. looked silly so I went & bought another... I don't think I'll spend as much in Paris as I've spent trying to get ready to go.. I can't wait to get there and rest up.. I'm tired. and a cold is grabbing hold of me in spite of orange juice and vitamin C... now I'm just wishing it away..

I probably will not post until I return or if I get to a cyber cafe and can log in and do a short one.

So until next year.. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.


jill said...

Karen, you are off! Walking and getting a little aerobic will help you fend off the effects of your cold and I'm sure you will get plenty of opportunity. Hope you are able to put up a photo or two. Would love to see the inside of your hotel and room. Blessings for a wonderful time. Christmas in Paris has to be an experience.

jill said...

Hi Karen, it's me again, just in case you check in.

I checked the web cam Wed. Morning and the top half of La Tour was obscured in fog. I hope for some good clear weather for you and that your cold is gone.

More blessings for a great stay.