Thursday, December 04, 2008

La Recreation

Since I am leaving for Paris in 11 days, I thought I'd do some posts of photos from my trip to France in July of 2007.

The first one is the restaurant in Les Arques, a small town in the Lot Region that was featured in Michael Sanders' book From Here, You Can't See Paris: Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant

I had read the book before going and asked Robin from the B & B in Albas to make us a reservation. It was so beautiful and the best meal I have ever eaten. We sat ouside near the lush wisteria vine that climbed over the front porch of the building.

La Recreation created not only delicious food but food that was beautiful in it's presentation.

Below is a photo of part of my meal.. the stuffed tomato and squash blossom were tiny but delicious.

I will put up a photo or two each day until I leave for Paris and if I can, I'll prepare some others to post while I'm gone.

Paris Countdown: 11 Days!!

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