Monday, July 07, 2008

Wow! Someone just put this video up on YouTube of Sebastien Izambard singing Libre . It's a live TV appearance. No date given but it's before Il Divo. Wish it were clearer and the mike weren't blocking his gorgeous face.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Karen. Have heard Seb's album, but hadn't seen any performances from it. Doesn't he look young...and soooo cute as always!


Astrea said...

Hi Karen

*cheers* Thanks for this video of Sebbie!!!

I've sent a PM to one of the Mods quoting your comment on my blog so hopefully you'll get registered soon.

It's possible that you accidentally violated one of their zero tolerance policies by registering more than once with the same email and they might have mistaken you for a spammer.

Hope you get into the forum soon but you probably won't find me around as I'm too busy with school to visit regularly and so have given up posting... =(

The forum Divas are very nice though so expect a warm welcome. =)

Always nice to meet a fellow Diva and Siren ;)