Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ebay Auctions!

Finally have some auctions running. Mostly Blue Fish clothing that's been hanging out in the closet for years. Most of it never worn. Wish I could lose some of this weight and wear some of them, but I really need to purge. I especially like the 4 Square pants and the matching vest.

The Vintage Olga Nightgown is attracting attention and getting bids but most of the other items are just sitting with tons of watchers. I hate waiting until the last minute for bids to come in but it is exciting when they do.

I was happy with Project Runway last night and with Bradley finally being booted off. What a whiney weirdo he is. Now to get rid of Vincent and then Jeffrey and for a change they'll have a nice group left. It might be interesting to see contestants who aren't mega primadonnas but of course the producers won't see it that way and will want to crank up the conflict.

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