Sunday, September 06, 2009

Les Halles

My hotel wasn't too far from Les Halles and it was nice to walk in this area. Below ground is a shopping area that is so huge you could get lost and not find your way out for days. But the park and area above is very nice.


Vagabonde said...

You know I remember this area before all these buildings and malls were there. When I went to school at the Institut Britannique (part of the Sorbonne) my friends and I would go to the cellar jazz clubs on the week-ends near Blvd St Michel (rue de la Huchette) and after that we would drive to Les Halles to eat something because they served food during the night. There was so much activity – Emile Zola wrote about this in his book “Le Ventre de Paris” - maybe in English called The Belly of Paris.

Karen said...

Vagabonde the Pied du Cochon is still on the other side of this park and is still open 24 hours a day. I ate there once on my last trip and the food and ambiance were lovely. I plan to go back this trip for some late night onion soup.