Friday, September 25, 2009


Awhile ago I posted a photo of a scarf shop window. I liked the pink one but went in and bought two smaller ones. They are now draped on my dresser and I need to decide if I should take them back to Paris with me. They are pretty but not very practical.
Packing for a month in a fantastic city with a different climate and not knowing what surprises I may encounter makes packing a chore. The object is to take enough without taking too much and keeping the suitcases within weight limits.
I have a small pile of heavy items to take to share with friends so hopefully will have space for bringing Parisien items home.
Countdown: 4 days until departure.


feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

I have a scarf idential to the bleu...take none of them back...

From one who has spent many, many automnes in Paris,my recommendation is to pack as little as possible.

You can find many inexpensive and stunning scarves and fashionable accessories tout suite…discovery is the lure if Paris fashion.

Take some gifts for friends, and take home stunning fashion for yourself.
Bon voyage, et bon chance…!

louciao said...

I think terrie has it right--treat yourself immediately to a new scarf in Paris! (Unless you wear one of your smaller scarves on the plane to jazz up your outfit or need something around your neck to ward off damp or chill.) One can never have too many scarves.