Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mozart: A rock opera in French..
A friend in London sent me a clip of this and I really like it.

I have learned that it won't be out until sometime in September and only in Paris. I'm hoping it runs for awhile in case I can make it there for late September or October.


Cezar and Léia said...

Hey Karen...this guy is cute! :-)

Lovely clip,it reminds me something from "pink floyd"...Crazy and romantic!
I liked this song!Thanks!

Peter said...

You are well informed ... in advance! Expected on scene in Paris only in September! :-)

Karen said...

Leia: I'm glad you enjoyed it. He reminds me of the young man who stars in the "Twilight" movie.. I haven't seen the movie but he is all over the tv here and my grandaughter has a crush on him.

Peter: yes, I have great friends who keep me informed.. Do you know how long it will run? Will it still be there in October?

11:43 PM

Peter said...

No... I guess you are better informed than I! If I learn something, I will tell you!

Anonymous said...

22 September till 8 November in Paris. Then various places in France. Hopefully it will then return to Paris.

Hope we can go together - with maybe Zorro! at Folies Bergere on another evening.

CD is released today in France - I will have to wait a few weeks till I am back in Paris to get a copy