Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bruno Pellitier et D'autres

I've just discovered another French* singer that I like. I ordered his new cd for a friend and listened to it. Wow.. what a voice. I just reordered the cd so I can have a copy of my own. I'd seen and heard him in Notre Dame de Paris and liked him but he was sharing the spotlight with Garou and Daniel Lavoie. Two more of my favorites. Here is a video of Bruno singing an Edith Piaff song.
*Bruno is actually Canadian and speaks English and French but performs in France as well as Canada and other places.

Here's a video of Garou, Daniel, and Patrick Fiori singing "Belle" from NDDP. Beautiful.

*Post Script:Garou and Daniel Lavoie are also Canadians. Patrick Fiori is from France. Seems like many of the "French" singers I enjoy are "French" Canadians.


Anonymous said...

ah Bruno!!!!!!!!! Here is a great track with him amd Helene

I also have a fondness for Garou - drop dead gorgeous in person - my french friend was shaking so much when we met him last year.

PF of course a fav of mine - although I don't think he was very good in NDDP - much preferred the UK Phoebus - Steve Balsamo and of course Laurent Ban from 2005 in Paris.


Peter said...

Impressed by your knowledge of "French" singers (actually as you say, three Canadians - and one Corsican)! :-)