Friday, January 19, 2007

Birthdays & Old Age

Today is my 65th birthday and if I don't look in the mirror, I don't feel that old. I've started working out at the fitness center, swimming in the therapy pool, and eating better. Weight is coming off slowly and I need to keep focused on "Good Health". My goal is to be more fit so that I can travel and do more interesting things with however many years I have left in this old body.

This year's goal is also to spend less money on "stuff" and to unclutter by either selling "stuff" on eBay or giving it away on Freecycle I just started relisting books and other items on eBay and I always forget how much fun it is when I get bids on them. Packing & shipping is work but nice to see things leave the house and go to people who want or need them.

Tonight is a gathering at Massage Works to meet and talk with Elizabeth Palin, who is a psychic medium. I saw her once before and she is amazing. I was skeptical but now find her fascinating. I asked her about travel and she saw me taking two trips:a short one & one over water. In December I flew to New Jersey and next month friends and I are going back to the Yucatan. I'm curious as to what she'll say tonight.

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