Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back from South Florida where neighbors & I attended the wedding of some friends. It was held at a huge Venetian styled place that specializes in Posh gatherings. Beautiful room set up as a chapel. The two grooms in tuxes with 6 bridesmaids (women) in floor length dresses. White halter tops & black bottoms and two ushers. My neighbor, Patrick, performed the ceremony and did it very well.

The motif was Penguins. There were penguin place markers, key chains, large ones on the tables with the table number on their chests and a huge penguin ice sculpture. Both the chapel and reception rooms were done in black & white. A sit-down dinner served with a florish by chefs in tall white hats and passed to the formal servers. Extremely well done.

My only gripes were the video operator and photographers were constantly taking pictures and blinding us with bright lights and the DJ played music that was not friendly to my ears. The grooms were a delight, though, and it seems that their families were all happy to be there.

Long ride home last night and my cats were annoyed with me for being gone but were happy that I was back to open a can of food.

I'm wrapping some presents that have to be in tomorrow's mail. Priority so it gets there in time. Then I have a gazillion things to do before I leave for NJ on Wednesday.

Hugs for all who need them and those of you in the frigid north, stay warm.

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