Saturday, April 29, 2006

My feet are still mad at me for all the walking I made them do at Disney but I'm trying to move around more and spend less time sitting here at the 'puter. The endless uncluttering of the garage moves slowly and seeing all the fabric I own is guilting me into clearing off my worktable so I can work on some quilts. I have a pile to finish and want to work on Deb's top so I can have it finished for her Grandson, Riley's second birthday..

Monday is go to Plant City to Laure's house and help with trinkets for her daughter's wedding. Should be fun. Her mom, Sally, will be there and she is so much fun. Judi will bring a soldering iron and some expertise at stained glass. I think the project is glass microscope slides with picture in between, copper foil along the edge and then solder. Not sure if we are adding jump rings so it can be hung or not.

Just got a phone call from Dianne. On Monday her mom heads up to Pennsylvania to stay a few days with David's mom and then she's off to Munich to visit her late husband's relatives and then the long trek back to Australia. So tomorrow we will go up to Lake Ivanhoe's antique district and browse the shops and do lunch. I guess that'll get me off my butt and away from this demon computer.

Another excuse not to write listings for eBay.. But the piles keep getting higher & higher...

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