Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's chilly here in Central Florida but thankfully we aren't having the snow & blizzard conditions affecting most areas in the northern parts of the east coast. My poster auctions are doing really well on eBay and still have a day or two to go. I'm, of course, hoping for tons of money for them. LOL

I bought some nice big shirt blouses from Jessica London. They are linen and in nice bright colors. In my continuing battle with the clutter, I've tried to follow the "One in, One out" rule and so I pulled some blouses and outfits from the closet and posted them to Freecycle . They've already been picked up. It's a nice way to recycle.

It's going to be a long lazy Sunday and I should write up some more eBay listings but will probably waste way too much time playing games. I'm addicted to PoGO games and love aquiring badges and tokens, although they aren't good for anything. Humans are such a strange species...

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