Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I dug out some old poster stock from the '70's. Roger Dean artwork that was done for album covers. Really cool fantasy stuff. Listed six of them on eBay and had bids within the first few hours. I need to find more stuff like that to list.

Making some progress with my uncluttering project. Not a lot but a few bites taken off the elephant. The lovely old waterfall dresser with the wonderful drawer pulls is now empty of all the chotchkies from my collage & altered book stuff. Now to glue the seams so it isn't so rocky and figure out what to do with it. I'm planning on putting the treadmill in it's place so I can exercise when the mood strikes.

Watched Claudine Helmuth on Carol Duvall yesterday and want to try the transfer method she did. Used my Michaels coupon to buy a brayer. I have some but have no idea where they are. Also bought a small tube of burnt umber oil paint to use. Now to do it..

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