Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted to this blog lately. Just been busy and in a rut. After Paris in October life was just sort of blah for awhile. I'm working on getting my Mojo back.

For starters, I've booked a trip to Paris for New Year's Eve and I'm taking one of my granddaughters. There's an old saying that however you spend NY's Eve is how the rest of the year will be and it certainly held true for my first Paris trip in Dec. 2008. New Year's eve was fabulous and so was the year that followed. Last NY's eve I spent on the computer and watching tv and so far, that's about all I've done this year.

So I was determined to make some changes and now I'm working on shedding excess weight to help my old knees get in shape for walking in Paris.

Restarting this blog is my next goal. The other blog, the Kissimme Daily is still in limbo. Not much happening here in Kissimmee and others write very nicely about Disney so not sure what I'll do with it.

Here's a photo from my first trip to Paris that I printed in grey tones and hand colored.

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