Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Paris Street Art

There is graffiti all over Paris. Some of it is messy and disfiguring to the surfaces used, but some so well done that it is more graffito, which means an inscription or drawing on a rock or wall, than graffiti.
These three are just a few that I liked. The Warhol styled multi-image was in the Beau Arts area of the Left Bank's Latin Quarter and the other two were near Rue Mouffetard.


louciao said...

Sometimes what's on the exterior walls is much more interesting than what's on gallery walls.

Peter said...

The young photographing lady is called Jana, it's her self-portrait. I met her and her partner (artist name "JanaundJS") in a café close to rue Mouffetard. I made a post about it:

Virginia said...

I like the stenciled art on the walls. Peter and I found a cafe off rue Mouffetard that was a hangout ( perhaps what he was referring to) for these guys. The spray paint nonsense makes me crazy! I think it's such a disgrace to ruin the buildings here and in Paris, like that.

BTW, I think one of the photographing ladies reminds me of our Nathalie from Avignon!