Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Images of Paris

Walking along the Seine

The Louvre



Cezar and Léia said...

What can we say about Paris? It's just marvellous!
God bless you!

Vagabonde said...

It made me feel good to look at your pictures of Paris and to know that you like it there. I was researching religion in France (to see the difference with here) and found a site called “Understanding France” which is a very good site published by a Frenchman and his American wife, who are trying to make people understand the French culture better (here is the site: In it I read all the French bashing there is in this country and it made me so depressed. I read all the horrible jokes Jay Leno does on the French and I don’t understand why people laugh. I found many other sites on Google where people have blogs just on why they hate France and the French and read some really rough comments and many things they say are not true. Why do they do it?

Peter said...

Impressed by the number of wonderful photos you still have on stock! Time to get some more anyhow, I guess?

Karen said...

Leia I hope that you and Cezar can get to Paris soon to see all the beauty for yourselves.

Vagabonde, I agree that there are way too many misconceptions about the French here in this country. I try to correct any that I hear. I love France and found the people to be charming and very nice.

Peter, I still have so many from my first trip but I'm getting a new camera so I can take more and better ones in October.
And thank you for the correction on my earlier post re: Sculptural Tree. Wish you'd been with me so I'd not have made that mistake. It certainly looked real.