Friday, July 10, 2009

My Paris Kitchen

This is my kitchen in my Paris apartment. I don't know how much cooking I'll get done here but I'm going to try. When they say it has an oven, they mean a microwave so I guess no roasted chickens will be made here, unless I can find a way to do it on the top of the hot plate. I'm looking forward to my great adventure.


Eli said...

but roasted chickens you buy from the butchers together with potatoes roasted beneath the spits. Through in a green salad and some fresh bread - probably one of the greatest meals in the world!

Karen said...

Eli, that sounds like a plan but you forgot the wine! I can't wait. So much to do.. and the anticipation... sigh.

Peter said...

The flat you picked seems really nice, although for the roasted chicken you may need a restaurant!