Thursday, October 09, 2008

There is a new visitor to the neighborhood. He's by himself and has been hanging out in the empty lot next to me clacking and hooting loudly. I'm not sure if he's wanting to find a mate or if he's just been evicted from his parents home and is lonely.

I went into the yard yesterday with some bread and when he saw me he just came flying, just a few inches off the ground, to just a few feet from me. He would have gotten closer but I held out the bread. He wasn't at all shy and wanted to take it from me but I dropped it for him.. Not a good thing to get them too domestic. They very easily become major moochers.

I love watching them. Here are two shots from yesterday.

This one was taken this morning when he returned. He could be heard hooting and hollering from a block away. He checked out the entire front of the house looking to see if I would come out and feed him.. Here he is just outside the kitchen window with poor Sassy wondering about the giant bird outside her window.


sam said...

whoa, thats so cool!

Anonymous said...

jeez sassy is gettin big... lol nice bird... u should give him a name and say hes ur pet...
may i segest liam?