Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning

I've been back from Merida for a whole week and am still recovering. My poor old body is still on Merida time. We had a good time meeting up with old friends and just exploring the city. We found another bigger Wal-Mart than the one we visited last trip and it was awesome. Here are some pictures of the Produce and Bakery depts. They had a whole aisle dedicated to tequilla.. A wall of bottles and then two rows of special display tables piled high with boxes of it. We bought a nice bottle with glasses for Cathy, who drove us to the airport, but it was confiscated at the flight check-in. Seems you can't take it on the plane in a carry-on. It would have cost twenty dollars to check the bag and the tequilla didn't cost that much. They must have fantastic parties at the airport with all the confiscated booze.

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